A Job that Pays You to Binge Watch Sports

This is a job, to be PAID to watch sports! A lot of sports. So how do you get to this alternate universe? It can be right in your living room if you're selected. The site Streaming Observer says they'll pay $25 for a Sports Junkie to watch sports using a variety of already-paid-for streaming services and devices. SO says you'll have to take some notes, gather some data on your viewing and maybe take a few selfies of you "hard at work" watching the game!! Just think, so when you shush the family during a big play, you can tell 'em, "I'm working here!!!"

SO directs interested parties to email jobs@streamingobserver.com with "Sports Junkie" in the subject line, and explain why they deserve to be hired for this "job". More HERE

 Other sites are offering binge watching gigs too, more on that from Thrillist