A National Park Service Park Ranger in NYC, a deejay in Alaska. Some think I got those life choices backwards but I don't view it that way. I was a wildlife biology major in college that stumbled into college radio. Really, I tripped when my sandal strap got wrapped around a chopstick and boom, there was the studio door to KSUA-FM at UAF. Our house is active, loud and furry! ...with a guitar slingin' husband, a little girl who is smart beyond her 10 years, 2 dogs, 1 rabbit, 1 cat and a "dat", a cat that truly thinks it's a dog.This cat has protectively growled like a Doberman at strangers not to mention is freakishly infatuated with one of our dogs. Part of my mid-life crisis includes singing my best Stevie Nicks impression for my husband's Classic Rock band, Jerry's Situation, we're having a blast! Come check us out sometime! Best job? This is a pretty cool one but I love my role as a mom. Serenity is the most amazing little person. In between her humming One Direction songs she'll sometimes belt out Led Zep's "Immigrant Song" or The Beatles "Don't Let Me Down". One more reason she makes me beam with pride.