Russell Crowe's Jock Strap Visiting Anchorage?

A chance to gander at Russell Crowe's jock strap, although without the Crowe in it? Sure, why not, let's see what a $7,000 jock strap looks like (that's what it went for at Sotherby's)! Along with the hood Russell Crowe wore in Robin Hood , a vest he wore in Les Miserables,, a chair from American Gangster, among other items, all may be heading to the Blockbuster Video on Debarr. British comedian John Oliver purchased these items during the actor's "Divorce Auction". On his show, Oliver said to inspire business at one of the last of the Blockbusters, the one on Debarr in Anchorage, it has 48 hours to contact the show to have the Russell Crowe items on display.

I called the Debarr store and Kevin that answered the phone said "yes, we're trying to get in touch with him." Stay tuned...

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