Golden Finish for Team USA Cross Country Skiers

Did you see that?? Even if you didn't blink it was hard to tell until the scoreboard lit up and confirmed, Yes! it is Gold for Team USA with cross country skiers Kikkan Randall and Jessie Diggins!!  Jessie Diggins 0.19 seconds ahead of Team Sweden at the finish line clinching the win for the women’s team sprint freestyle race at the Pyeongchang Games.

Lots of first here too: The only Mom on Team USA, Alaskan Kikkan Randall and Minnesotan Jessie Diggins are The first Americans to snag Olympic gold in cross-country skiing, the first cross country skiers to medal at the Olympics since Bill Koch won a silver in  back when Fleetwood Mac's "Go Your Own" was just hitting the airwaves in 1976 and it is Kikkan's first Olympic medal at her fifth and final Game. Now THAT'S a golden finish.

With incredible athleticism paired with Alaskan tenacity Kikkan is such a dedicated boots/skiis-on-the-ground ambassador of her sport inspiring young girls (and us old ones too) to get active and be our best!

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

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