UPDATE: Super Blue Blood Moon in AK

Yup, eclipse photos taken with my phone under the influence of only one cup of coffee at 4:30ish this morning look NOTHING like NASA's. But still was cool. And red! As most things, better in person. 

Even my kid was sleepy-excited. I opened her room and said "Do you want to go check out the eclipse?" I don't think I've ever seen Christmas-morning-velocity put into action on any other day but Christmas!

Blog from 1/30/18-

Weather permitting, Alaskans will be treated to this triple play sky show before dawn tomorrow. The moon already has been looking bold and beautiful last couple of nights. It will appear 14% bright during this event as it's closer to the earth, that's the "super" part. It's also the second full moon of the month, that's the "blue" part (and nothing to do with color). This Super Blue moon will pass through the earth’s shadow to give Alaskans a total lunar eclipse, taking on a reddish tint, that’s the "blood" part. Starts at 1:51 am AK time Wednesday 1/31 with best viewing times 3:51 am-5:07 am.

These people are the experts, get more info (maps, videos and pictures...thank you!) here: Nasa.gov

Check out the live feed for non-freezing-your-butt-off viewing 

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