Hate Dog Hair Everywhere? Solution-

It keeps the dog hair off the couch, pet dander away for those allergic and some dogs appear to like it, "it's comforting" they say.

Ladies and gentlemen...introducing the Shed Defender, a leotard for dogs, keeping the hair and dander on the dog and off your floors.

I used to have a beautiful blonde husky named Sandi Castle, she's in doggie heaven now. If you've ever owned a husky you know they shed about a Pomeranian a day. There is a undercoat to the undercoat to the undercoat!! I wonder how Sandi would have done with the Shed Defender. I would be afraid to take that thing off as it would be like a field of dried up dandelions on a windy day. Poof! Make a wish!

But it seems with this doggie leotard, your pitbull will be walking around like a 1980's Jane Fonda but you'll be vacuuming less and that sure doesn't suck!

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