The Equifax Mess

Equifax, the credit report company fessed up last week that they have been hacked. What that means is personal information for about 143 million people including names, addresses, social security numbers and birthdays, have been stolen. As much as I try to see the good in people, I don't think that means more birthday cards. 143 million of us affected, the total U.S. population is just over 326 million!! This a BIG problem. FBI and Senate are investigating. Does this affect you? You can check here.

Also NEW* Equifax credit freezes will be free until Nov 21st. They were going to charge for it initially! The public wasn't having any of that.

You might blow a gasket with this next news drop- there was a fix for the bug that allowed the data breach...two months before the hack.

Don't let it get worse with this scam, people calling pretending to be from Equifax. Beware of evil opportunists Read on.

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