I love to sleep.....

What's up? Crash here once again for the Temper-pedic mattress. I make VERY few good life choices, luckily, my choice of mattress has been an absolute home run! I love my Tempur-pedic mattress I picked up from the Ultimate Mattress Store. (New Seward and Benson) Sleeping is one of my favorite activities (Is sleeping an activity?) as it really plays to my strengths..... It is even more enjoyable now. If, for whatever reason I have to sleep in a different bed, I can't wait to get home and flop down on my mattress. With the Tempur-pedic mattress,and it's patented Tempur-foam material, it's like being hugged by your mattress all night long. Best nights sleep EVER. Go see for yourself. The Ultimate Mattress Store, New Seward/Benson Blvd.

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