The Guy Was Arrested After Trying To Get A Selfie With An Elephant

What is it with selfies that makes people lose their mind? How many times have we talked about someone dying or almost dying while trying to get the "prefect" selfie? We have another one, and this time he took his kid with him. luckily no one was hurt and this future father of the year is behind bars. This happened on Friday afternoon, a guy named Jose Navarrete jumped a bunch of barriers at the San Diego Zoo to get into an elephant habitat. Oh, and he brought his two-year-old with him. Once they got inside, an elephant ROARED and actually CHARGED at them. Jose ducked through a gate to get away from the elephant and DROPPED his toddler in the process. Yep, real father of the year candidate here! The elephant wound up getting just a few inches from her before Jose was able to grab her. Fortunately, no people or elephants got hurt but Jose was arrested for child cruelty