The Doobie Brothers Release New Single In Aid Of Maui Fire Victims

Photo: Ryan Corey

The Doobie Brothers released a new single on Friday (November 17) that extends a helping hand to individuals impacted by the devastating wildfires that struck Maui on August 8. According to a press release, "Lahaina," featuring Mick Fleetwood, Jake Shimabukuro, and Henry Kapono, is the band's first release since their latest album, Liberté, in 2021. Profits from the single will go directly to the People’s Fund of Maui, providing care for natives who continue to struggle through the aftermath of an island left in shambles.

The Doobie Brothers, some with direct ties to the island, will donate an additional $100,000 to the relief fund, providing financial assistance to the displaced residents of Lahaina and Kula. A music video, released in tandem with the compassionate, uplifting single, depicts beautiful scenes from the island of Lahaina taken before fires ravaged the region. The lyrics paint a hopeful picture of a return to normalcy through "genuine support" and an "aloha spirit."

Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson, co-founder of the People's Fund of Maui, shared his gratitude towards The Doobie Brothers, highlighting music's role in the recovery process.

"As our people of Maui piece our lives and homes back together, we're grateful to have the genuine support and beautiful music of The Doobie Brothers. A longtime resident of the island, Pat understands the Maui community and the tragic devastation its residents are bravely overcoming. 'Lahaina' is a song that captures both our aloha spirit, and will help to make a real difference in the recovery.

Doobie Brothers guitarist and vocalist Pat Simmons has called Maui home for 30 years. The island holds a special place in his heart as it is the place where he raised his family. Simmons hopes to bring back the innate "aloha spirit" that drew him to life on the island in the first place.

"I have been a resident of Maui for 28 years now, and I wanted to make a tribute to the place that I've called home for so long and help bring awareness and donations for the recovery and relief efforts there. This song is a look back at what Lahaina has meant to all of us. So many people have walked the streets of Lahaina and have felt that aloha spirit and we hope that one day, we will walk those streets again."

Doobie Brother Michael McDonald, who has lived in Lahaina for the last 15 years, co-wrote the single with Simmons, deriving heartfelt lyrics through personal experiences of being constantly surrounded by Maui's natural beauty and vibrant residents over the years.

As locals continue to heal from the tragedy that struck their land, they are reminded through the powerful lyrics of "Lahaina" that one day, the aloha spirit will return to the island. Interested individuals can join The Doobie Brothers in their efforts to restore Maui by donating through the People's Fund of Maui website.

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